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A Message to Smriti Irani from Delhi University girl Vanshika Dhingra

Respected Madam,
I am Vanshika Dhingra from Gurugram. I have done my graduation in BA(H)English from University of Delhi and wish to go ahead with M.A English now. I want to work now because my family is not strong financially but I don’t want to leave my studies. Considering my situation, I found NCWEB, the University of Delhi to be the best option for my further studies.
I have been consistently a good student and I am liable for admission in NCWEB if I am judged on the basis of my talent and academic performance. After verification of all the documents, I was told there that you won’t get the admission because you are not the citizen of Delhi. After having worked extremely hard for three years for the day which came to my life but only with disappointment, I decided to write to you for my right to education. I write for not only my right to education but my right to be educated from the institute/ college I wish to, taking the responsibility of becoming capable enough to match with the competitive standards of our developing country. I am not the citizen of Delhi and I don’t want to produce any fake id proof claiming that I am a citizen of Delhi and so I can get admission anywhere and everywhere where we have a quota for Delhi citizens. SOL, University of Delhi does not offer M.A English which further disappoints many students like me. I have NCWEB as the only best option.

‘Beti Padhao’ is something that my parents want. It is something that my teachers want but it seems that the phrase has not been implemented such that each girl in every situation can actually study according to her choice when she is willing to take the responsibility of her family as well as her own self. I have no either, or choice because I have been raised to be the leader. Realising the need for leaders, I stand today, for my right to study where I want to. I ask the whole of the country to judge me with my brain. I ask the growing country to judge everyone on the basis of his/her growth at an individual level. I won’t beg for the seat I deserve, I don’t ask for any special reservation, I ask an explanation for the rules which are as solid as diamond but which are blind to changes, blind to the prospective diamonds. Regards and Thanks, Vanshika Dhingra 9999692728


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