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On Datta Jayanti 2017, know about Lord Dattatreya and His 24 Gurus

Datta Jayanti, In the eleventh skanda of Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Dattatreya recognizes 24 Gurus throughout his life – running from creatures like snake, deer, fish to people like kid, beekeeper, youthful lady to the earth components like fire, sea, wind and so forth.

Idea of Gurus have dependably been a necessary piece of eastern deep sense of being. Master Parampara or the ancestry of Masters exist in Hinduism, a few groups of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. In any case, this idea finds widescale use in different religions as well – going from the foundation of Pope to Sufi and Tao Masters. Idea of Guru is broadly revered in India every year on Dattatreya Jayanti. Verse 16 of the Advayataraka Upanishad 1 portrays Guru as:

This means syllable “Gu” implies dimness, and the syllable “Ru”, he who scatters them. On account of the ability to dissipate murkiness, the master is in this way named. There is likewise the well known mantra which apropos catches the hoisted position of the Guru, comparing him with God:

GururBrahma GururVishnu GururDevo Maheshwaraha

Master Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

The importance of this mantra is that: Guru is the Creator (Brahma), Guru is the Preserver(Vishnu), Guru is the Destroyer (Maheshwara). Master is simply indisputably the (solitary) Lord, Salutations to that Sri Guru.

In any case, the unavoidable issue is: Who is your Guru?

Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi, the evergreen writer, had once broadly stated: What you look for, is looking for you. Lao Tzu had likewise expressed the lines:

“At the point when the understudy is prepared the educator will show up. At the point when the understudy is genuinely prepared… The educator will vanish.”

So is the look for the Guru an outer movement? Which implies that the ‘looking for’ will prompt a physical Guru – a man? Or, on the other hand do the searcher needs to look for the ‘Master inside’? People are dependably for the most part worried about outer things worried about the faculties – and even in a profound voyage, individuals look for a man (outside of themselves) who can manage them. They do not have the understanding that a Guru demonstrations like street signs to direct the searcher on their internal voyage. Every one of the Prophets and Saints of the considerable number of religions have attempted to give the message of adoration and peace, so individuals can utilize those as controlling signs as they walk their adventure towards their spirit.

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In the eleventh skanda of Srimad Bhagavatam (a consecrated Hindu content), Lord Dattatreya (the Godhead speaking to Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva) recognizes 24 Gurus throughout his life – going from creatures like snake, deer, fish to people like tyke, beekeeper, youthful lady to the earth components like fire, sea, wind and so forth. He utilized these outer ‘Masters’ to jump further and more profound towards his spirit.


Enduringly gainful, does its dharma, gets manhandled, mends and is unfaltering in giving sustenance.


Be free similar to the breeze, yet unfaltering consistent with your own particular power.


The most astounding inside oneself, the Atman (self, soul) has no restrictions, it is undifferentiated nondual regardless, given the billows of materiality a chance to pass, be unified with your spirit and the all inclusive self.


A holy person victimizes nobody and is never pompous, lets other give him debasement, yet he generally stays unadulterated and purges.


The warmth of information changes all that it interacts with, to shape oneself one needs the vitality of learning.


Birth, passing, resurrection and the cycle of presence does not change the unity of soul, similar to moon it is a ceaseless interminable reality.


The spirit may seem diverse in various bodies, yet everybody is associated and the spirit is same taking all things together; like sun, one must share one’s blessings as a feeling of obligation.


Try not to be over the top, don’t concentrate on transient things, for example, harm or individual misfortune, human life is an uncommon benefit to learn, find one’s spirit and reach moksha.

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Be content with what you have, make the most from life’s blessings.

Honey bee

Be dynamic, go straightforwardly to the wellsprings of information, look for knowledge from all sources however pick the nectar, be delicate, live agreeably and allow others or different philosophies to sit unbothered when you should.


Try not to long for material delights or in heaping up treasures, neither the body nor material riches ever endures.


Take what you require, not more.


Let streams of tactile info not trouble your identity somewhere inside, know your profundities, look for self-information, be unperturbed by life, equipoise.


Question your faculties, question what others are letting you know, question what you see, know faculties can betray, look for reason.


Try not to pine for something or somebody, don’t fall into traps of others or of tangible satisfaction.


Dread not the clamor, and don’t capitulate to weight others outline for you.


Insatiability not the morsels somebody puts before you, there are a lot of sound open doors all over the place..


Many whore their chance, sense of pride and standards for different reasons yet feel down and out with their vocation and conditions, look for significance and otherworldly existence in life, proceed onward to doing things you want to do.


Be a kid, inquisitive, guiltless, merry.


Try not to look for consideration, a yogi fulfills and shares more through isolation.


A yogi can live in wherever, must be prepared to shed old thoughts and body for resurrection of his soul.

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Focus on what you want to do, serious fixation is simply the way acknowledgment.

Creepy crawly

Try not to get snared by your own web, be prepared to forsake it, run with your Atman.


Long adventures begin little, a pupil begins as irrelevant at the end of the day turns into an otherworldly ace.

A few organizations likewise trust that that there is a 25 th Guru whom Lord Dattatreya ordered as Atma or the spirit. As it were, Lord Dattatreya tries to give people the soonest use of Emotional Quotient (EQ) that one needs to ‘tune in’ nearly to the way life unfurls around us and to build up the ‘sympathy’ to comprehend the message or the street signs being sown by the Universe to us – in our inside voyage towards our spirit. Ruler Buddha additionally utilizes a similar practice by watching nature, to pick up illumination.

Master Dattatreya likewise abandons us with two greatest lessons – never to judge anything by its look and to dependably keep a receptive outlook about all things. On the off chance that exclusive people were to truly tune in and comprehend what Lord Dattatreya instructed, this world would be a superior place to live in.


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