Dear Smriti Irani: Appointment request to discuss ‘365 day’s research based awareness book’ from Mukesh Choudhary

smriti irani appointment
smriti irani appointment

Dear Smriti Ji,

I am Mukesh Choudhary, the man who dreamed to change million lives by giving this world ‘the checklist book series on – MD CABIN’ based on UNLEARNING and MIND REPROGRAMMING concept. I have worked and still working to plot the difference between an employee and employer (Managing Director), the leader and a follower, a common man and a successful entity.

To complete my vision, I stepped out of comfort zone by resigning from high paid respected job. I initiated and completed intensive research of one year in extreme conditions. To accomplish my goal, I interacted with thousands of common people, workers, employees, professionals, workplace leaders, Business leaders, Govt. Officers, MPs, MLAs and many more. Finally with intensive work and deep 365 days experience, I created, wrote and published the entrepreneurial book ‘MD CABIN – The ultimate guide on unlearning and mind reprogramming’.

An intention behind writing this book is to help emerging business leaders understand success in absolute simple words with practical living examples. MD CABIN book is based on choices, habits and believing of managing directors or business leaders. It is the most contented and expensive book ever published or priced in India. This book is already recognized by 3 well known newspapers. MD CABIN book is applied for Guinness World Record. I have sent first launch edition copy of MD CABIN to honorable prime minister of India Mr. Modi and second launch edition copy of MD CABIN to admirable Mukesh Ambani.

Only one recognized business leader (MD) can own the 3rd launch edition of MD CABIN book before we announce it general. Out of millions of people round the globe I have chosen you to be my launching partner. Please pull out 20 minutes from your busy schedule, so that we can discuss ‘MD CABIN book project’.

Your action will benefit millions of lives. Please confirm the date, time and place of interaction.

Waiting for your confirmation.

Mukesh Choudhary | Mobile: +91 – 8295364111 | Mail ID: [email protected]



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